Electric soft guns

They are by far the most complex ASG, their operation is allowed by a battery pack that feeds an electric motor when the gun trigger is pressed. The electric motor is connected to a gear box which acts as a speed reducer and torque multiplier. At the outlet of the reducer, which is called the gear-box and which also has the function of extracting the pellet and positioning it at the mouth of the barrel, another set of components is connected which in jargon is called the “air group”.

The system takes its name from its function, in fact it serves to compress the atmospheric air to shoot the pellet out of the barrel, a bit like with manual loading pistols but here, obviously, loading is automatic, thanks to the presence of the electric motor which is powered by the battery pack. The air unit includes the spring (the element that determines the firing power of the ASG), the cylinder, the piston, the piston head and the pellet pusher. Through the gear-box, the engine compresses the spring through a piston equipped with a rack onto which the teeth of the last selector gear of the gear-box engage Conversion kits

When the spring is released (firing phase) it pushes the piston inside the cylinder, compressing the air and shooting the bullet (Bbs) out of the barrel. The operation of this mechanical last stage is very similar to that used on manually loaded softguns but here, as we have seen, no manual action is needed, just pull the trigger. Electric airsoft guns are those that are capable of firing both single shot and automatic mode. Some airsoft guns are capable of firing “powerful” bursts of pellets, which gas or CO2 guns cannot do.

Micro Conversion Kits

From the constructive point of view, however, they are very complex. In fact, they include electrical parts that are essential for their operation (battery pack, wiring, connectors, trigger switch, gear-box switch and motor) and can also have even complex auxiliary components, such as for example circuits with Mosfets (semiconductors used to improve reliability of the weapon) and ETU modules (real electronic modules that manage the operating logic of the bursts and which can also have diagnostic functions and statistics data collection).

Electric gunsthey also have all the mechanics necessary for operation, the already mentioned gear-box, which contains gears, bushings, an anti-reverse system, a pellet extraction system lever, any slide retraction lever (only guns with blowback function) and an electric switch that works as a self-retaining system after pulling the trigger, a function necessary to complete each spring pre-loading cycle.