Education as a tool for Civilization

Education is the process of teaching and transfer of knowledge or skills to achieve some aims and objective. Today’s Education system focuses on fostering knowledge to liberate and overall develop an individual and to skill him for the current world needs.

Types of Education

Education is mainly of two types: Formal Education and Informal Education. Formal Education is provided in the institutions, schools and colleges whereas Informal Education is given by parents, self-learned and what is learnt from experienced and expert people informally.

History of Indian Education

  • In the olden days, the teachings of Vedas were given to children by the elders and teachers orally.
  • Taxila University (believed to be oldest), Nalanda University in Bihar, Vikram University were the main centers of Education in India.
  • Wide range of subjects from Biology, Botany, Mathematics to Astronomy were taught.
  • The temples were centers of religious and spiritual learning and spread of culture. Ancient India followed the concept of Ashram System, where the students use to go to a Guru (teacher) in his Ashram and learn from him. Practical knowledge, life skills, and morality were main teachings imparted in these Ashrams by the Guru.


Modern Education System

The Modern Education system is mainly formal in type. There are public institutions and private institutions across the world. The Modern Education System focuses more on-

  • complex vocational skills and
  • knowledge needed for the modern world such as coding, computing, managing, etc.

Although there is availability of Education all over the world, but Quality Education is accessible only to a few. This is due to many factors such as high fees, competition, low number of seats in the Universities, language barriers etc.

Revolutionizing Education

The era of Information Technology has revolutionized the Education System. The Online platform has provided an alternative solution to the learners. The students from the corner of a room and can learn from top University professors across the globe from their computers and mobile phones. This easy access to Education is the new future. This also has proved effective during the lockdowns imposed during the Corona Pandemic.

Way Forward

Education is a basic need. Indian Constitution under Article 21A states that free and compulsory education should be provided to children of 6-14 years age group. It is also the duty of the parents to send their children to school. The world is changing rapidly, and new knowledge must be adapted as the old knowledge becomes obsolete very quick.


Digital Marketing

Understand More About Marketing


It seems like a regular term which is used in everyday life. But, it is much vast than the way everyone uses it. When one says the word ‘marketing’, the image one can see forming in his/her head is of a place with a lot of shops and a lot of people involved in the process of either buying or selling multiple articles. This is nothing wrong that captures one’s mind as this is the practical output of marketing that one has always seen.

The difference in the meaning of the term arises when it is used in the internal working of an organisation or a company, which gives rise to a technical definition. Marketing, according to me, refers to the entire activity, which is performed to make the products/services known to the clearly defined audience. It also involves the technique that is used at the time of presenting the products/services to the consumers to build a desire and need of the products/services.

Now, when we talk of expanding the horizon of reach of our product, i.e., creating needs of our product, we need to have an estimate or statistical data about the current reach and demand of our, as well as, our competitor’s product, and observe the reason behind our numbers and theirs. Thereafter, we need to set goals to get ahead of our current position which can be evident by setting numerical targets and using them as a measure of the company’s rise or fall.

Marketing is dynamic:

It needs to pace up with the recent trends and the technological developments in order to be fruitful. A person working in the marketing department of an organisation cannot succeed being aloof of the likes/dislikes and a little extra knowledge of the common factors of the target consumer. Speaking of the term ‘target-audience’, it refers to group of consumers that the company highlights while making of its product. The company relies on these consumers from the crowd to take a stand for their product and represent them and let them stand in the economy.


Benefits of digital marketing

Digital Marketing gives a lot of advantages that traditional marketing doesn’t have; it includes:

  • Being able to reach a large geographical area
  • Is cost-efficient
  • Allows easier personalization
  • Gives quantifiable results
  • Allows a comprehensive and interactive connection with the customer while also allowing it to be easy and hassle-free.

Digital Marketing should be one of the major marketing strategies of any business. It allows the company to contact the customers personally while also providing personalized content and ads, thus attracting more and more prospective buyers. It is a great way to extend a company’s reach and realize its full growth potential.

Marketing, as a whole, is a vast topic which cannot be explained entirely in words .This is just a gist of the topic.



What Exactly Is An Auto Loan And Why Should One Get It?

An auto loan is the type of secure loan in which the vehicle is kept in form of collateral. In an auto loan amount of loan is offered by the lenders in exchange for the new car or the two-wheelers are used cars or commercial vehicles as well. Two-wheeler loans and commercial vehicle loans are also different parts of auto loans. The amount of loan is offered by the bank in terms of 90% of the total cost of the new vehicle and 85% of the total cost of the second-hand vehicle. The vehicle is provided to the lander in form of collateral and the repayment of the loan is based on the monthly income and the ability of the car owner the tenure for the repayment of the loan ranges from 12 to 84 months on an average. The amount of interest is fixed by the lender depending on which type of vehicle is taken and also the amount of the loan decides the total amount of interest rate. The interest rate is not taken at times in situations of auto loans only.

Auto Loan

Why one should opt for an Auto Loan

It is a very good idea for finance to take the auto loan as it benefits the financial situation and also avoids paying the interest or fees of any loan.

  • Financing the car through an auto loan is a very famous activity done by potential drivers who are safe and have much confidence in their driving.
  • Drivers you are not able to buy a car directly in a particular situation and do not have cash in hand the best option is to finance through an auto loan rather than taking a bank loan or increasing credit.
  • Taking of loan through any institution is much more expensive rather than taking an auto loan.
  • Generally, low-cost auto loans are interest-free and allow the vehicle owner to pay the amount of the loan within a long period and the repayment date can extend up to 84 months.

An auto loan is a very impressive type of finance and most of the middle-class people who look for buying vehicles gradually choose to take an auto loan as it helps them to maintain the vehicle, as the vehicle is a high depreciative thing taking an Auto Loan makes it much efficient.